If I Only Had A Home, or My Own Home…

This past weekend, my friend took me on a trip to West Elm. While it was great helping her find the perfect shower curtain, it made me a little anxious to have my own apartment; so I thought I would remedy this anxiety by posting about my potential new place! I always like to change things up when it comes to decorating. I will buy one thing and then want something else a couple months later. To solve this problem, I like to keep all my expensive, essentials simple with white’s and grey’s. Once all of these items are established, I use little home decorations to liven things up and I try not to spend too much on these items – considering I am probably going to want to change them fairly soon. If I Only Had a Home or My Own Home...

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One Response to If I Only Had A Home, or My Own Home…

  1. Madison says:

    very cute:) we have similar taste. you should get the shower curtain! haha it would match your colors.xo

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