DIY Sunday: Mason Jars

I have recently formed a new obsession with Mason Jars. While these jars make great vintage-chic drinking glasses, they can also be transformed into fabulous home decorations!

Fabric Covered Mason Jars: Brought to you from the blog Fellow Fellow. 

– What you will need: A pair of scissors, a paint brush, craft glue, a small mason jar, a small cup, and light fabric of your choice!

– Step #1: Measure your jar. Then cut strips of your fabric to fit the jar, 1 cm each should work well.

– Step #2: Pour some of your craft glue into the small cup and dilute with water (do not add too much water, you still want a semi-thick consistency).

– Step #3: Dip your strips of fabric into the small cup of glue. Run your fingers over the fabric to remove excess glue.

– Step #4: Place the strip into the jar, pattern side facing the jar. Use the paintbrush to brush out any air bubbles. Continue until the inside of the jar is covered with your fabric.

– Step #5: Let dry over night and enjoy! ** If you choose to put candles inside the jar I recommend using electric candles, not real ones.

Vintages Votives via Annaboo’s House

– What you will need: Lace of your choice, mason jars, and mod podge.

– Step #1: Cut lace to fit circumference of jar.

– Step #2: Decide where you would like to place the lace. Then apply mod podge to that area.

– Step #3: Once mod podge is applied apply the lace and let dry!

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