Travel Tuesday: Interlaken, Switzerland

A new week, a new destination! Today we are traveling to Interlaken, Switzerland. As a snowboarder I had always dreamed of visiting the Swiss Alps and Interlaken was the first place I visited while studying abroad in Florence, Italy. While incredibly small, words cannot describe the amount of thrill and charm this little town possess.

This is Balmer’s – only the best hostel I stayed at while abroad. Walking distance to the town, complimentary breakfast, quaint feel and did I mention the best “club” in Interlaken is in the basement here? Enough said. 


This is me all harnessed up getting ready to jump into that canyon you see in the picture to the right! The most daring, terrifying, and exciting thing I have EVER done. If you’re a thrill seeker Interlaken is definitely the place for you. Aside from Canyon Jumping, there’s skiing, snowboarding, hang gliding, and night sledding. I highly recommend the night sledding. They take you to the very tops of the Swiss Alps and you sled down the slopes through little towns and finally end with a classic Swiss meal- fondue & beer!

This may look like a rusty old water fountain, but in Switzerland the water coming out of these pipes is actually the best water I have ever had the pleasure of drinking. We actually bought water bottles at the store, only to pour out all the water and fill them with the water coming straight out of a pipe on the outside wall of Balmer’s. 

These are some of the town folk all dressed up for a huge music competition. Check out part of the live music here:

This image does not do any justice. It is truly something you must experience for yourself! 

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